Hommage à Leonard Cohen. H-Burns invite Bertrand Belin, Pomme, Rosemary Standley, Jonathan Morali (Syd Matters)

Concert enregistré à la Philharmonie de Paris (Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie) le 07 juillet 2021


Five years after Leonard Cohen’s death, Français H-Burns offers an homage, both personal and collective, to the Canadian poet, accompanied by a string quartet and distinguished guests.  

By calling his seventh album Midlife in 2019, H-Burns perhaps gave a clue as to what was to come next: with fifteen years under his belt in an exceptionally rich solo career, he is now paying tribute to the artist who sparked it all. It was Leonard Cohen’s music that shaped his artistic sensibility when he was younger, setting him, like so many before him, on the path of folk and poetry. To keep the torch burning in his own manner, Renaud Brustlein (his real name) invites us to retrace Cohen’s journey, conjuring places the poet explored and revisiting his most emblematic repertoire—his first albums, from Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967) to New Skin for the Old Ceremony (1974). These powerful classics will be performed with the strings and voices of the Stranger Quartet and a fitting cast of guest artists: Rosemary Standley, Jonathan Morali, Pomme and long-time collaborator Bertrand Belin, with whom H-Burns has already shared an album and various stages. A story of oral tradition and the passing-on of heritage, central to the spirit of folk music.