concert enregistré à la Philharmonie de Paris (grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie) le 04 juillet 2018

For ten years now, Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser have accompanied us with their enchanting brand of sugary pop songs. After a stunning debut with their first album (Oracular Spectacular), packed with unstoppable hits they had composed at the liberal arts college where they met, the beach boys traded sugar for pepper, veering away from glittery pop for a form of psychedelic rock that baffled more than one of their early fans. Two nicely experimental albums later, their newest release, Little Dark Age, offers a shining recap of their evolution, with a return to their fiendishly catchy songwriting style. The LP draws from the electro-pop of the 1980s, echoing influences such as Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark, Madonna, and The Breakfast Club soundtrack. Yet, far from nostalgic copiers of an era they knew only as tots, the duo have steered their MGMT machine into exciting territory, offering concerts alternating between moments of dance, grace, and pure melancholy.